An excited trip to experience Co Tu ethnic minority daily life
Driving on the roads which are filled up by sunlight and wind on Truong Son mountains, overcoming continuosly bends, along terrace fields and green tea farm of the Ho Chi Minh trail. Beside the roads, we will meet people with firewoods on their backs, children have dark and deep eyes curiously look at you, they are Co tu people.
  *  Co Tu ethnic minority:
Co tu people live on Truong Son mountains during 100s years, they live in a Moong – their typical accommodation -  with a fire always be on. The Moongs are built in a cluster around a Goul – a community house which is the biggest and the most beautiful of a village. Nowadays, they still keep their traditional customs and lifestyles, men work on farm, go to the forest for honey and firewoods; women weave brocade and take care of the children.
On two days of the trip experience Co tu people daily life. In a small Co tu village, where we wull stay with them in a homestay, enjoy dinner with Co tu traditional food, trekking around the village and their working areas; try to weave brocade, and join in their traditional dance “Tung Tung Za Za” beside the campfire.
  * The Ho Chi Minh trail was a logistical system which was built by Democratic Republic of Vietnam.In Vietnamese War, the Ho Chi Minh trail was the most important road to provide support, manpower and material from the North of Vietnam to the South of Vietnam. Because of its important role, American army tried to destroy the road by bombs and orange potion. We will tell you historical stories about Vietnamese heroic and stop at some view point to enjoy the beautiful of Truong Son mountain landscape.


* 1st day: Tuy Loan old temple – Co Tu older house – Co Tu village – Hot spring

+ Meals and drinks
-  Lunch with Vietnamese food
-  Dinner with Co tu traditional cuisine
-  Water, tea and some Co Tu wine
+  Activity:
·         Co Tu traditional instruments and dance
+ Accommodation:
- Homestay at Co Tu village

* 2nd day: Co Tu people daily life – Co Tu waving brocade village – Ho Chi Minh trail

+ Meals and drink
·         Lunch with Vietnamese food
·         Dinner with seafood
·         Water, fresh pineapple, cold beer


+ Include:
- Experienced English tour guide
- Car
- Homestay in Co Tu village
- Tickets
- Meals
- Water and Vietnamese coffee.
- Rain coast if necessary

 + Exclude:
- VAT tax
- Personal fees
- Travel insurance

Thank you for your interest!


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