• Location: Danang, Vietnam |
  • Type: Vietnam World Heritage Sites
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Transportation: Motorbike
  • Price: Contact us

Not only a My Son sanctuary trip, it is a trip to discover Champa kingdom which was the most powerful kingdom in Vietnam.
  * Champa Kingdom was an independent Kingdom from 192 - 1832, area of the Kingdom was from Quang Binh province to Ninh Thuan province, from Laos to the Eastern Sea. Culture of Champa people was affected of Indian culture and Java. Champa people followed Buddhism and Hinduism. The best powerful time of Champa Kingdom was 9th and 10th century,after that, they attacked by Dai Viet Kingdom from the North and Khmer Kingdon from the West. In 1832, Champa kingdom offical became a part of Vietnam.
  * My Son Sanctuary was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1999. My Son sanctuary was built in a valley which is protected and covered by mountains. Thousand years ago, My Son was a holy land of Champa people, the land for worshipping Gods and being Champa King's tombs. My Son is the heart of Hinduism temples in Vietnam and South East Asia. Visiting My Son, you could watch Champa folk performance which shows you about daily life of Champa people and their traditional dance - Apsara.
  * Bang An tower is a 1000 years old relic which is very well preserved. In My Son, just only the King could carry out worshipping, Bang An tower was a temple of farmer and normal people.


*  07am - 07pm/ Loop tour
*  Champa Museum - Bang An Champa tower - My Son Sanctuary - Hill top 55 - Local ferry

+ Meal and drink:
- Lunch with Cau Mong rare veal
- Dinner with Danang seafood and cold beer
- Water and Vietnamese coffee.

+ Activity:
- Champa traditional performance in My Son sanctuary


With 35$ you can sit on the back with one of our experienced drivers.

+ Include:
- Experienced English tour guide
- Automatic Scooter + Fuel + International safety standard helmet
- Tickets
- Meals
- Water and Vietnamese Coffee.
- Raincoat if need

+ Exclude:
- VAT Tax
- Travel insurance
- Motorbike insurance
- Personal expenses
- Damages to motorbike or tour equipment

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